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Things I’m excited to wear this Spring! - Part 2

I am back for the next edition! The weather has been fairly one sided in these past few days! Which is fantastic, because it is the sun that has shone through- hope you gents have been rocking those Shorts we touched on last week.

Today brings us to a new category of pieces to pick up …

Sports Jacket as Outerwear!

The sports jacket is the most important item in your wardrobe this Spring. You will be wearing it all day, every day, no kidding. Just remember: It's called a sports jacket for a reason. You can dress it up, but it's meant to be played in.


That means throwing it on the backseat of your car or cramming it in your backpack once you've peeled it off. It doesn't need an occasion, and it doesn't need to match anything. It just needs to be worn...and worn...and worn, until it fits you like a second skin.

Pay attention to the outifts, how it's put together, colour combinations, and the fit of these sports jackets !


The days of sports jackets as uniforms are over.


The key now is Precise fit and your own steez.

As you can see, there are countless ways to style it, whether you've got business to handle or you're simply hanging out.


If you need some styling advice, pop into George Harrison, and we will get you ready for the Spring to come!

Jack @ George Harrison

 Photo Credits - GQ, artofmanliness, wwd, and
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