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Things I’m excited to wear this Spring! - Part 1

Hey Peeps! Thought I give a short introduction about myself before I get into things! I am Jack, a Fashion Design graduate and a sales consultant at George Harisson. I have been given the privelege to create dialogues and share my views on the platform and so... you will be hearing A LOT from me here!

Jack @ George Harrison

So the daylight savings has switch many weeks back, but Spring has only just started to show itself in this past week; we now get longer afternoons! Perfect! I really hate when it gets dark at 5pm and I’m glad we’re transitioning into the warmer months.

So, this has got me thinking about the my pieces in the closet and what I’ll be phasing in or out of, and the new things I would pick up.

I was looking at all the new collections arriving in George Harrison, I’m stoked to see all the spring colors and lighter fabrics.

Here are things I’d pick up if I were in the market for new stuff - Part 1


Spring gives you a little more freedom with lighter weight pants and brighter colors. This means you should experiment with shorts and some chinos.

Go for variation this year! Your blue denim and khaki-colored chinos will always be there for you to fall back on to, or maybe you can even chop those up to a pair of shorts, but really you should venture out and try something new. Definitely start off with blue tones, salmon or light grey, try to take a few steps away from your current wardrobe and you may discover that you look pretty good in the new electric blue's.

These gentlemen are snapped from Pitti Uomo, you know you can trust these steezy gents, their outfits are planned from head to toe for the trade show Pitti Uomo. The crowd of well-dressed gents who descend on Florence are there to attend the trade show, a gathering that draws retailers, editors, and menswear enthusiasts from around the globe.

So back to the chinos, same goes for your shorts. Basic colored chino shorts are staples, so aim for getting some color and pattern in your closet. I suggest staying away from denim shorts. Also, the basic rule is to let the hem of the shorts hit somewhere in your knee region when you are standing, anywhere from just above the kneecap to right under it. For my self, right above the knee is comfortable with a tapered touch, like your chinos.

If you need some styling advice, pop into George Harrison, and I or the team will get you ready for the Spring to come!

Jack @ George Harrison

Photo Credits - GQ, harpersbazaar, and modasemcensura

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