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The Guide to Buying the Perfect Suit

The Guide to Buying the Perfect Suit

Different labels have different fits, and within labels there are often various cuts too. Size is just a number, you may be a different size depending on brand so don’t get too hung up on it.


  • When it comes to suits, wool is the king of fabric. Being a natural fibre, wool is breathable. It keeps you warm when it’s cold and keeps you cool when it’s hot.
  • If you’re hard on your suits and/or only have one suit it may be a wise decision to choose a polyester/wool blend. Polyester is a very durable fabric, therefore it will help your suit last longer.
  • Although not nearly as common, you may come across wool/silk blends. Having the silk blend means the fabric will be lighter which is great in the summer. Silk does wear faster than 100% wool hence not ideal for your everyday suit.


  • Choose a colour that compliments your skin tone. Don’t follow trends if they don’t suit you.
  • Blue/Navy and Grey suits are the most versatile as they go with most shirts as well as black, brown and tan shoes.
  • Black is often kept for black tie however if the fabric has a check, stripe or pattern it can be worn to the office.
  • Black can be harsh and make you looked washed out, especially if you’re fair. Consider another colour or a light shirt/tie/pocket square so the overall look isn’t so dark.

The Cut

  • Fashion suits and fashion business suits currently have peak lapels. Business fashion and business suits tend to have notch lapels. There is no right or wrong, completely up to personal preference.
  • Single vent jackets tend to be more casual.
  • Single and double vents are equally popular and are up to personal preference.
  • Get it tailored – while the trousers may only need to be taken up by 2cm and you think you can get away with it really shouldn’t. You’re going to all the trouble to get a nice suit, go the extra mile and make sure you’re looking sharp. You’ll thank yourself later.

Caring for your Suit

  • Dry clean the least possible as it shortens the life of the suit. If you’ve split something on your suit try spot cleaning first. Brushing the suit and airing it will also make a big difference.
  • Do not store your suit in plastic garment bags. If you do want to use a garment bag make sure it’s made of natural fibres.
  • Hang your trousers and be guaranteed they won’t fall off with the Savile Row fold. Fold one leg over the coat hanger and down toward the crotch. Fold the other leg over the hanger and down.

Don’t Forget

  • Cut all the tags off – including the branded fabric tag on the sleeve.
  • If your jacket as more than one button never do the last one up. Ever.
  • Match your leathers – black belt, black shoes. Tan belt, tan shoes.
  • What was once considered on trend, matching your tie and pocket square is now frowned upon.

And remember you can always come see us in store and we'll fit you with a suit you won't want to take off.


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