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Garment Care: Caring for your Suit

Garment Care

Wool is naturally stain resistant and many common stains can be easily removed, however, for best results it pays to act quickly.

Garments with stubborn stains (such as paint, nail polish, dyes and food) should be taken to a reliable dry cleaner as soon as possible.

For less stubborn stains we have a few tricks that work in most cases.

Chewing gum – Scrape off excess gum & sponge with dry cleaning fluid

Chocolate – Sponge with cold soapy water

Egg – Scrape off excess and sponge with cold soapy water

Food – Place towel under affected area. Gently rub warm mildly soapy water toward centre of stain

Red wine – Immerse in white wine

Alcoholic drinks – Remove excess liquid by gently dabbing with a damp sponge

Blood – Remove excess blood with a damp sponge and dab gently with undiluted vinegar followed by cold water

Butter & Grease – First lightly scrape the surface of the stain to remove excess oil & gently sponge with dry cleaning fluid

Grass – Soap very gently using mild tablet soap or flakes, alternatively dab gently with a cloth soaked in methylated spirits

Ink – Immerse in water

Lipstick – Rub white bread over the stain with a firm motion

Make up/Shoe polish – Rub gently with a cloth soaked in turpentine or dry cleaning fluid. Rinse with mild soapy water

Wax – Carefully scrape off as much wax as possible with a butter knife. Place blotting paper/baking paper over wax stain and gently iron on wool setting/low heat


Caring for your suit

Storing your suit – Remove belt and empty pockets before storing/washing/dry cleaning. Store with buttons unfastened on a suit hanger/padded shoulder hanger

Brushing – Brush your suit lengthways after wear to remove surface dust

Airing – To remove odours, hang your suit out in fresh air on two separate hangers

Resting – Rest your suit for 24 hours before wearing again. The natural resilience of wool allows it to shed wrinkles and return to the natural shape.

Refreshing – Wool garments can be refreshed hanging in a steamy bathroom. Moister from the steam will remove wrinkles and spring back into shape.

Drying – If your suit gets wet, hang on two separate hangers and dry at room temperate away from direct heat/sunlight  

Dry cleaning – Wool should be dry cleaned sparingly. The more it is, the quicker the fibres break down. Even if you wear your suit regularly, it doesn’t need to be dry cleaned weekly/monthly. Opt for airing and/or refreshing first – only dry clean if your suit is dirty.

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